Energy Performance Certificates for your business premises


An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates how energy efficient your building is using grades from A to G (with ‘A’ the most efficient).

If you don’t make an EPC available to any prospective buyer or tenant you can be fined up to £5,000.

Why must you have one?

You must have an EPC when:

  • You rent out or sell your business premises
  • A building under construction is finished
  • A building is changed in any way that gives it more or fewer sections and those sections are for separate use and heated, air conditioned or mechanically ventilated

Important areas of Energy Performance

How much does it cost?

The cost of an EPC is set by the market and market demand. All EPCs are valid for 10 years.


You don’t need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your commercial property if you can demonstrate that:

  • The lease is only being renewed or extended
  • It’s a temporary building that will be used for less than 2 years
  • It’s a detached, non-residential building with a total floor space less than 50 square metres
  • The building is due to be demolished and there are relevant planning permissions as well as official consents if it’s a listed building or in a conservation area
  • It is an industrial site, workshop or non-residential agricultural building that doesn’t use a lot of energy, eg it isn’t air conditioned
  • The property is being bought following a compulsory purchase order from the court
  • It’s a place of worship

How to get a certificate?

You can only get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) from a commercial energy assessor. The type of assessor you’ll need will depend on the complexity and features of the building. If you need advice on choosing one, speak to one of our team at PPS where we can recommend a commercial (non-domestic) energy assessor.

Display Energy Certificates

Your property will need a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and an advisory report if all the following apply:

  • It has a total floor area of over 1,000 square metres
  • It’s at least partially occupied by a public authority or an institution providing public services
  • It’s frequently visited by the public

DECs are known as an Energy Performance Certificates in Scotland.

Examples of buildings that must have a DEC include:

  • Local authority buildings
  • Libraries
  • Public sports facilities such as leisure centres
  • Education centres such as schools, universities and colleges
  • NHS trusts

Fines for not displaying your certificate

Your DEC must be included in any marketing material about your property. You can be fined £500 if you don’t do so.

PPS has relationships with a number of qualified assessors throughout the UK enabling a cost effective and accurate EPC. If you are unsure of anything relating to the EPC and your obligations as a business seller contact our office and speak to one our team.

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